A letter from Kevin, “I’m Lucky”

April 7, 2022

I’m lucky.

I’m lucky to have an amazing daughter who is in her junior year at Murray State. I’m lucky to have an amazing job at Mike Martin Media. I’m lucky to have a job where I wake up every day and love going to work. I’m lucky to get to travel all over the country as part of that job. I mean we even have a hashtag we use, #MMMgood.

My work trips with Mike Martin Media come with a lot of perks. MMM client trips have taken me to cities I have been to, cities I have never been to, and cities I have always wanted to go to. Some of the best trips are when they are close to my hometown of Hagerstown, Maryland, because I can meet up with my parents for lunch or dinner after work is done.  


I usually have some free time in the cities I visit and I love immersing myself in the local culture of a city. One rule I have on the road is to only visit local places. I love starting at a local brewery, talking to the home-towners, getting advice on where to eat, where to visit, and any hidden gems that I might need to see.  People are always more than willing to help me out. 


I really enjoy drinking local beer and eating at local restaurants. I love searching for what food a local city is known for and finding the best local spot to have that food. Ever had a “juicy lucy”, invented in Minneapolis? Do you love comparing the best crab cake places in Baltimore, MD like me? Hint, my favorite is Faidley’s Seafood. 

Kevin and Zoë taking a #KevinSelfie

This country has some pretty amazing breweries and restaurants that I would have never been to, if not for my MMM work travel. One example is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not sure it would have been on my radar before but work from several of our clients has sent me there close to 20 times. Tulsa has an outstanding beer and food scene! I highly recommend it if you haven’t been before. 


This country also has some beautiful destinations. I love finding unique and quirky places to check out in the cities I’m visiting. How can you pass up The American Gothic Museum in Eldon, Iowa, the Ft. Worth Water Gardens, the Google Emoji playground in Palo Alto, CA, the 60 ft “Driller” statue in Tulsa, the Santa Monica pier, which is the end of Route 66, and the stunning views of coastlines up and down the East and West Coast? I love capturing my visits to those places with selfies of myself and co-workers who are on the trips with me. Of course, even have a hashtag for those, #KevinSelfies.


I’ll be documenting my trips on social media so feel free to follow along on my MMM adventures: 

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I’m lucky.


Until next time,